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Foundation in Animal Healing Days

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Elizabeth will show you various ways of healing your pets ‘from hands on’ to distant healing with a selection of animal guests throughout the day. We will cover the importance of connecting and telepathically linking with our pets and, more importantly, listening to their needs. Liz will be sharing with you valuable tips on nutrition, holistic lifestyle changes and behavioural issues. The importance of meditation and being in the moment when working with all animals and applying creative visualisation skills to remain focused and grounded. ‘Energy follows thought’ our intentions hold the key to unlocking the potential to help animals: Included in the day is a chance for you to experience sending distant healing to animals and wildlife. Please feel free to bring a photo with you.

Demonstration of animal healing and how you can give healing to your animal companions


During this workshop you will learn how to give spiritual healing to yourselves and others. You will be shown techniques you can take home with you such as guided visualisations and relaxing meditations to be fully present in the Now!  Sensing energy, attunements, hands on healing and the power of distant healing will all be covered. During the course you will be shown various ways of healing yourself and animals “from hands on” to distant healing, the importance of connecting and telepathically linking with our pets, and more importantly listening to their needs, nutrition and the endocrine system.  The importance of meditation and being in the moment when working with all animals and ourselves and applying creative visualisation skills to remain focused and grounded.

Natural Animal Health at Home
Discover how to use the contents of your kitchen cupboards and your garden to improve your animal’s health and wellbeing. Elizabeth will be demonstrating simple food recipes you can make at home using some of our most favourite culinary herbs and food oils. Learn how animals instinctively self select certain food compounds to nourish themselves. In this workshop you will observe the subtle ways animals use taste and scent to indicate what they need.


Foundation in Animal Healing CPD Day Workshop for The Healing Trust 28th October 2017

Workshop Feedback

Beautiful and profound experience of the animal healing day! Amazing to watch how animals are affected by the energy of love and light. I learnt a lot and I will definitely be using the knowledge that I gained today in my healing work. Kasia

My animal healing course was very interesting. I loved working with Elizabeth and learning different aspects of healing and hands on work. I found it so interesting how warm and lovely Elizabeth is and dedicated to all types of animals, it was a wonderful day and so helpful to me. Barbara

I found today was just what I needed. I feel like I have gained some new insights, knowledge and tools for healing my animals. At the end of the workshop, the horses were left until last … Amazing! I feel so privileged and empowered. I would’ve liked to heal Betty for longer as I enjoyed being with her so much, apart from that I wouldn’t change a thing about the workshop. Thank you so much Liz and Louise. Thank you to all your lovely animals Sam

Thank you for a wonderful day. It was fantastic meeting your animals and putting healing into practice. A brilliant introduction in animal healing, I am now considering a new career and thanks so much for allowing me to bring my daughter. Julie

I have loved today – I have really reconnected with healing energy and my love of animals. Elizabeth is a lovely teacher and her love of animals really comes across in her teaching. The venue is just amazing as well as the animals, who let us practice healing on them. I also loved the meditations and the opportunity to practice on a fellow healer. Today was a wonderful experience. Helen

Thank you for a wonderful experience with the dogs and horses, my dog will love it. I loved working with all the animals especially connecting with Lily and Claude. The horses were a pleasant influence and I hope Betty’s leg heals soon, thank you again. Isla

A truly wonderful day, really well paced. Enjoyed doing the human healing and receiving bio feedback before doing an animal healing, also good to carry out the group dog healing. I gained in confidence as the day went on, so really trusted you before going into the horse’s stable which was perfect. Thank you for a lovely day. Debbie

Many thanks for a beautiful day, highly informative and wonderfully supported. Great to practice in an environment where you gain confidence in what you are doing. Group size was good as there was time to chat, share experiences and ask questions – light and love. Zoe

I really enjoyed the animal healing course. Elizabeth is amazing with teaching the healing and with the animals. It was a wonderful day and one I will always remember…. fantastic experience. Blessings to Elizabeth and all the animals lots of love Maria

Today was interesting, fun and relaxing. I enjoyed all aspects with wonderful creatures. I would have liked cats to work on being a cat lover. A big thank you to you Elizabeth for the energy you put into the day. Particularly when you were clearly suffering from a cold. Blessings to you all who work here. Nina

Testimonials from the Foundation in Healing

Thank you Liz and our group of beautiful people and the animals. I have learnt so much this weekend, I have managed to start to let go of my fears, and realised that we all can have fears and doubts whatever stage we are at. After this weekend I feel more confident and a self knowing person and I will carry on and develop that – Alison

Amazing and wonderful weekend! Liz’s natural positively, enthusiasm and infectious energy makes such a difference. I’ve learnt so much about animals, myself, other folk, World energy links – truly gorgous. Many thanks for coming into my life – much love Tracey Ps I feel great and intend to fully engage with my spiritual path.

A truly inspirational weekend. A warm, safe learning environment; I have come home and it has reinforced my belief in this journey. Liz’s energy & love of her chosen field was wonderful to witness – Helen

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have learned so much this weekend, thoroughly enjoyed everything, fantastic having animals to work with, fantastic energy, enthusiasm & so much more, I could  go on forever, can’t wait to be part of the healing team – Judith

A very informative, relaxing and enlightening weekend: What a privilege to be working with a wonderful group of people, who had beautiful energies. Last but not least, heartfelt thanks to you Liz for facilitating this workshop, and all our guests, both humans and animals – Nhung

Liz is a brilliant teacher, full of zest and energy for life. Inspiring well covered course, I feel brilliant & reenergized. Elizabeth’s passion for healing shines through. Please never stop doing this wonderful work – Rachel and Jake

Lovely week-end, with beautiful animals and great people, learnt a lot. Feel so calm, so peaceful. Looking forward to doing more healing with myself and others – Karen

These two days have been life changing. It has been a pleasure to meet so many genuinely caring people dedicated to healing others. Excellent workshop, reinforcing a lot of stuff I already know as a healer but opening up many new ways of doing things. Great working with animals, and also releasing emotions still attached to that of my horse 17 years ago – Lesley

Liz I have thoroughly enjoyed today, you a great teacher. The other people on the workshop have also been great – Marion

The energy commitment and physical and spiritual radiance you teach is infectious! I feel more positive about my life. It was lovely to experience one on one true heart energy – Susan

Many magic moments on this course with Liz when all our hearts beat as one!  Time can’t erase the memory of these magic moments filled with love – Petra