Diploma in Animal Healing


This is a unique in depth course in animal healing based on the extensive training, experience and work undertaken by Elizabeth Whiter in her international animal healing practice. The focus of this course will be on cats, dogs and small animals, however an extra six month part time course is offered to students as an additional diploma after Module 4, allowing them to specialise in equine healing. Elizabeth Whiter has secured insurance for all students taking the Diploma in Animal Healing and Equine Healing. This insurance is a separate additional fee to the course and is organised at module one. Successful graduates are entitled to obtain full insurance after they have qualified from this course.

Enquiries and a copy of the 2018 prospectus please telephone Elizabeth Whiter on 01273 891472 or SEND AN EMAIL

6th–9th September One Year Diploma in Animal Healing commences 4 places available

Principal Tutor: Elizabeth Whiter MHAO MNFSH IIZ ITEC Dip.WSA
Elizabeth is a fully qualified and insured animal complementary practitioner, zoopharmacognosist and author of The Animal Healer published by Hay House. She set up the animal healing training school in 2005 and has over 400 graduates from the one year Diploma in Animal Healing. Her animal and human clinic in Sussex, specialises in healing, diet and nutrition, behaviour and emotional problems. Elizabeth regularly works with and receives referrals from vets, doctors, zoos, animal rescue centres and charities and has secured healing placements for her students and graduates in animal rescue centres in Portugal, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Southern Ireland and the UK.

Tutors: Sally Hall Vet MRCVS BSc (Hons) MA MB, Emma Farrow-Bartlett VN. Dip AS: Teachers in Small Animal and Equine Anatomy & Physiology and First Aid; Anatomy and Physiology module notes created by Andrew Browning BVSC Cert. EP, Cert EM (Int. Med.) MRCVS. Michelle Garvey MHAO BA Hon, Dog Behaviourist and Trainer (FdSc) Teacher in Animal Behaviour. Ruth Risely RSPCA MHAO teacher in reptile husbandry

Examiner: Jeannie Billington M.A. B.Ed Honours, Director of the Post-graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PGCHE) at South Bank University,  OU Lecturer, Head teacher, external moderator and examiner for numerous exam boards, Member of the General Council of the Association of Teachers, Ofsted inspector.

Course Philosophy and Vision:
The Diploma in Animal Healing has been established since 2005 and is associated with the Healing Animals Organisation which is a voice on behalf of the animal healers and animals supporting the needs of many who have suffered physical, emotional and psychological pain. The website lists and promotes all qualified and insured animal healers from this course. The Healing Animals Organisation supports committed members who have trained in the Diploma in Animal Healing and Equine Healing with Elizabeth Whiter and helps promote and recognise members. Vets, animal sanctuaries, rescue centres, animal charities and other professional animal care workers throughout the country can be sure they are working with a body of professional animal healers and have access to the register of qualified healers.

‘The Diploma in Animal Healing is the first professional course of its kind. We have established a body of highly trained animal healers in the UK and around the globe. This course has attracted an international following with students from the UK, USA, Japan and Europe. Successful candidates are awarded the Dip in Animal Healing, and included on the Healing Animals Organisation register.’

Length of Course: 1 year part-time

The Animal Healing Course is studied for one year part-time. This will involve attendance of 17 days, 150 hours over the year in Sussex for theory and practical sessions held onsite and regular visits to animal sanctuaries nearby. The Diploma course is held in the National South Downs Park, Sussex. Additional home study/Diploma assessments total time of course 300 hours. If students successfully complete all modules and coursework they will be eligible to take the final assessment day.

Enquiries and a copy of the 2018 prospectus and application form, please telephone Elizabeth Whiter on 01273 891472 or contact us here

Diploma in Animal Healing Course Dates Sussex:

Module One 4 days 18th January – 21st January 2018
Module Two 4 days 12th April – 15th April 2018
Module Three 4 days 12th July – 15th July 2018
Module Four 4 days 4th October – 7th October 2018

At module four there will be an interview with the panel to ensure that the course objectives and the learning outcomes are met.

To be eligible to take the final assessment day students need to have completed the following:

Attendance of all four teaching modules
Twelve animal case studies
Six assignments on common animal conditions
Completed student log book
Attendance of local healing groups to support students and practitioners.

Multiple choice paper, tutorial and social gathering Saturday 26th January 2019

Professional Diploma in Equine Healing & Communication

Length of course: six months
The equine course is studied for six months part-time spread over two four day modules and one equine first aid day plus assessments.

Module one includes equine anatomy and physiology, common ailments, conformation and first aid with Equine Vet Sally Hall and Vet nurse Emma Farrow Bartlett.

Module two includes practical equine healing at Moorcroft racehorse rehabilitation centre, St Bedes riding school, private livery and competition yard and theory notes with Elizabeth Whiter. The equine modules are available to students who have completed module four of the Diploma in Animal Healing.

To be eligible to graduate from the Diploma in Equine Healing students have to achieve the following: Attendance of two four day equine teaching modules, first aid day, six equine case studies, six assignments on common equine conditions, completed student log book, practical healing assessments on equines and handler report forms, open revision equine exam paper and attendance of local healing support groups set up to support students and practitioners.

Module one – 8th  – 11th March 2018
Module two – 7th – 10th June 2018
Module three – 23rd – 27th August 2018

Principal Tutor: Elizabeth Whiter MHAO MNFSH IIZ ITEC Dip.WSA

Tutor: Emma Farrow-Bartlett VN. DipAS

Examiner: Jeannie Billington M.A. B.Ed Honours, Director of the Post-graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (PGCHE) at South Bank University,  OU Lecturer, Head teacher, external moderator and examiner for numerous exam boards, Member of the General Council of the Association of Teachers, Ofsted inspector.


Elizabeth Whiter and her students from the Healing Animals Organisation have been visiting and helping the homeless animals at the RSPCA Brighton centre for many years. The time, love, healing and treatments that have been given have helped in so many ways, improving the animals chances of finding permanent loving homes. We would also like to say a big THANK YOU for all the fundraising Elizabeth and her students have done for us. RSPCA Brighton

Hi Liz and students from the Diploma in Animal Healing. I was delighted to receive your cheque for £150 from the student fund raiser Healing Animals Organisation quiz night. We are delighted that the students of the diploma continue to support the work we do here at CHAT and we are hugely impressed by the level of healing, interest and support that the students have offered us over the last four years. A huge thank you from us all here! Carolyn Mcbeath centre manager Celia Hammond Animal Trust

We have been working with Elizabeth and her students for many years now with great results for a wide variety of our animals and birds including our wildlife casualties. The techniques we have learned through her workshops and courses help our animals every day and we have achieved good success rates in rehabilitating the garden birds, hedgehogs, bats and birds of prey who come into our care. Steve Shore Acorn Project

We at the Sanctuary are very glad to be working with the Healing Animals Organisation and we believe that Elizabeth and her organisation have great symmetry with our charity. We are the oldest animal charity in the Algarve, and we believe that we have achieved this by allowing our development to be flexible and are always open to new ideas. We welcomed Elizabeth and her relaxing rehabilitation techniques, and we have to say we were impressed. We are also looking forward to receiving more of her students over the next year to work with us. This collaboration between our two organisations is one that we wish to continue and we look forward to seeing our relationship develop further in the near future. – Peter Lander manager Donkey Sanctuary Portugal

Elizabeth’s attention to correct nutrition, and her relaxed manner with animals, are compatible with the rehabilitation of delicate, sensitive animals like bats. Liz’s students help with our bat rehabilitation and have raised vital funds for the Bat Hospital as their nominated charity for the fundraising learning outcome on the Diploma in Animal Healing Bat Hospital, Sussex


When I discovered that this was a recognised Diploma course and that I could actually be insured as a practitioner to work with animals, I jumped at the chance to apply. The course exceeded all my expectations. Excellent course material and content; the depth of knowledge I have gained is amazing. I now have a solid basis in the anatomy and physiology, health, behaviour and nutrition of so many small animals that I can work confidently with both animal guardians and even vets. Finally I can do the work I have always wanted to do. Thank you Liz, and all my tutors! – Susan

Heartfelt thanks for these past four days which were inspiring, intensive and deeply nourishing, really coming home! I appreciate Liz’s energy enthusiasm, passion and compassion, honesty, integrity and sense of humour. Liz is not only a great healer but can also communicate what she knows very well, on so many levels. Liz shares her knowledge with true generosity of spirit. I’ve already had several enquiries from friends who’d love me to heal their animals. – Shanee

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful few days of letting go of real life and concentrating on something I never dreamt I could do or be part of. Thank you so much for the opportunity – which reading your book has given me as I would never of found the course. – Julie

Excellent course, my confidence has grown. Liz’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the topics and the mix of students and the ability to share the vast knowledge base was great. – Jayne

I found the meditations superb, inspirational and I loved Liz’s enthusiasm. I thoroughly enjoyed the daily contact with the animals and hands on practise. I found Liz to have extraordinary energy excellent focus and was clear and precise throughout the module. Liz has a loving heart, is warm and always encourages. Her commitment to help animals shines through. – Janine

I very much enjoyed the practical work (the animal healings) especially at the sanctuary. Also the meditations & team bonding exercises were enlightening. – Simone

Liz has a very positive and enthusiastic approach. It is very well organised being informative whilst keeping the simplicity of the method of teaching. You learn in a natural environment. The visit to the shelter was most enjoyable with staff being very generous and lovely. – Izzy

I have just printed my new business cards as a Qualified Animal Healer! Could not be happier. I am insured and ready to go. Thank you Elizabeth for an amazing year of study, hands-on experience, and life changing opportunities. My Diploma in Animal Healing coursebook and notes are now the foundation of my reference library. – Suzi

I found the experience wonderful having hands on with a variety of animals and set in beautiful surroundings. I had so much support and encouragement from Liz – Eaman.

I enjoyed the variety, the meditation, getting to know my new family and the experience of being with like – minded, kind and interesting people. – Pamela

I loved the whole experience and really enjoyed the visit to the rescue centre and group healing sessions. I found it very relaxing and liberating. – Lisa

I enjoyed the meditations – improving on all aspects to help in becoming a better healer. – Julie

Working with a range of animals and their carers. All amazing! – Jackie

The meditations I have found very useful. I have also enjoyed the opportunities to practice healing on a wide variety of animals. – Nicky

I will miss the companionship and can’t wait for the next module. The bonding and feeling part of a magnificent team led by Liz was fantastic. – Pat

I enjoyed everything about module 1 especially discovering that I could communicate with the animals I healed. Wonderful!! – Richard

What did you most enjoy about module two April 2011?

Going to Raystede, the animal sanctuary and meeting all the different animals and their carers that were brought to Chealsfield. Suz

Animal Nutrition – I was really keen to learn more about this because I can apply it to my own pets’ health. Also it is really beneficial to be able to spread this information and educate others in a non – judgemental way. Great session with the examiner; really put me on track for completing the case studies and assignments. Made plenty of notes. Marie

I really enjoyed the nutrition module as I feel confident I can give advice on a range of natural foods to add to the animal’s diet other than just dry food if it is appropriate!
The session with Diane the examiner was very informative and useful. Emma

Really great to heal all the different species and how the staff were so welcoming to our feedback and healing sessions. Perfect time at Raystede. Mel

Attending Raystede – experiencing all the dogs go quiet when we were grounding and how the energy changed when other people walked through (how the energy heightened) meeting Diane the examiner and getting feedback on my case history. Healing all of the animals. Donna

• Visiting Raystede and healing a range of animals from dogs to cats to birds and small animals and rodents.
• Working with a variety of clients with their animals and gaining more confidence
• Healer after care support at the end of the day. It helped a lot, it is wonderful for students to be offered massage, reflexology and hypnotherapy for self healing. Mina

Feedback on the Animal Behaviour with Michelle?

Michelle was a delight and approachable. I already knew a lot of what Michelle was teaching so it was great to ask questions to get more clarification on training methods. I appreciate the extensive notes. Fantastic session with Diane our examiner very informative and approachable. Alison

Michelle was lovely, and I enjoyed when she told us something, then we asked “what if the dog did this or that and she gave us a nice clear answers and really knew her stuff. It was great that Michelle’s dog Archie was present for the demos. Marion


Fantastic course, very comprehensive, clearly taught and easy to understand. The course notes are in depth and have very useful accompanying photographs and diagrams. I now feel much better prepared to extend my animal healing to equines. Thank you! Katherine

Oh my, where to start. When I was taking the Diploma in Animal Healing I knew I wanted to add the Equine module as well. Absolutely fantastic!
The course material was amazing… great printed material and presentations… solid information from top sources. I have learned so much. Thank you! Sue

The quality of this module has been extremely high. The written content is well researched and presented in a clear and informative format. It has been fantastic to work with Liz’s three horses, Wow, Betty and Dancer as they are wonderful confidence givers. The practical element of the module has taken place at the most fantastic locations. We were privileged to visit a wonderful riding establishment called St Bedes. I was able to work with two beautiful horses utilising Liz’s wonderful teaching. This was the highlight of the module for me. We also worked at a lovely D. I. Y livery yard which was also a very rewarding experience. Working with our noble, beautiful equine friends has been the most wonderful experience for me! Jo

Wow! What an amazing 4 days! The final 4-day module of the Equine Healing diploma was absolutely inspiring. Elizabeth Whiter had put in so much of her own energy and thought into the course work, the meditations, and the practical work. It was a privilege to work with so many wonderful animals, and I feel nothing can beat the level of practical experience and insight obtained with Liz’s face to face courses. Dr Alison Grimston