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Welcome to our instant music download store. Here you will find our range of Meditation, Healing,
Relaxation music especially created for your well-being.
These downloads are in high quality MP3 format, buy only the tracks you require.

Here’s how it works:-

1. Click on the CD cover image
2. Click on the music player, where you will hear approx 30 second clip of the track
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  • Animal Whispers Sound Therapy £5.99 Download

    Elizabeth Whiter MHAO MNFSH IIZ International Animal Healer, Author and Meditation Facilitator has collaborated with Tim Wheater AGSM world renowned flautist and healing sound therapist to create a unique piece of  healing music for you and your animals.Recorded with 528hz. … Continue reading

  • Tibetan Soul Journey £5.99 Download

    Tibetan Soul Journey Guided Meditation Track One: Elizabeth invites you to join her on a 30 minute guided meditation with Tibetan Bowls, gongs and bells to ground and rebalance each energy centre throughout the body enabling you to remain in the present moment at all times. … Continue reading

  • Journey Through The Chakras £5.99 Download

    Elizabeth Whiter – narrated by Susan Whiter – Journey Through The Chakras Guided Meditation. Liz is a professional healer and created this guided meditation with music by Felix Thorn to balance the major energy centres of the body. Susan, the … Continue reading

  • Goddess Guri Dance in Yoga £2.00 Download

    Goddess Guri Dance in Yoga 17:17 minutes – Instrumental. No vocals. Using traditional Indian instruments from sitars to tabla dhol drums and harmonium flutes this lovely classical piece has a definite Indian vibe. Slow and meditative imagine gently closing your … Continue reading

  • Galactic Meditation £2.00 Download

    Galactic Meditation 20:18 minutes – Instrumental. No vocals. Have you ever thought of taking yourself on a journey to outer space? This meditation commences with establishing solid foundations within the earth. Prepare for take of as the listener journeys upwards … Continue reading

  • Song Bird On A Summers Day £2.00 Download

    Bird Song on a Summers Day 15:35 minutes – Instrumental. No vocals. Using natural sounds from the countryside this instrumental meditation paints a picture of an idyllic setting in nature. Commencing with a lush wooded area with plenty of birdlife … Continue reading

  • Dreamtime Meditation £2.00 Download

    Dreamtime Meditation 16:40 minutes. Instrumental. No vocals. Aboriginal people believe that within the Dreamtime the traditional Aboriginal way of life was established. They honoured the earth as it has a very special meaning for all over the land there are … Continue reading

  • The Cleansing Sea Meditation £2.00 Download

    The Cleansing Sea Meditation 18:01 minutes – Instrumental. No vocals. From the moment you hear the waves slowly lapping at the shoreline you are transported to a beach scene. This instrumental meditation paints a picture so vivid that the listener … Continue reading

  • 5 Track Special Offer £8.00 Download

    Buy all 5 meditations in one go! at a special price! Bird song on a summers day, The cleansing sea meditation, Galactic meditation, Dreamtime meditation and Goddess Guri dance in yoga. As used in Elizabeth’s workshops All these meditations for … Continue reading